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DFW Camp Expo 2021, presented by (sponsors name) on all marketing.

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DFW Camp Expo 2021, presented by (sponsors name) on all marketing.

  • Booth Space $475 Value
  • DFW Camp Expo 2021, presented by sponsors name on all non sponsored items $1000 Value
  • Prime Booth Space Placement $1000 Value
  • Prime Placement on any Printed materials non sponsored $1000 Value
  • Front Page Logo on Expo Website $1000 Value
  • Prime Placement on Front Page of Expo Website $1000 Value
  • Top listing on Exhibitor Page $1000 Value
  • Write up on Presenter Page on Expo Website (your own page on the website) $1200 Value
  • Before Co-sponsors in Digital Book online Expo Website $500 Value
  • Digital book Prime Placement AD prior to other Co-sponsors $500 Value
  • Full page AD in Digital Book listed on Expo Website $500 Value
  • Listed in the FB Banner on Event Page as Presenting Sponsor $1000 Value
  • 3 Weekly scheduled Social Media post DFW Camp Expo sites Leading up to the event $ 1500 Value
  • Welcome post on DFW Camp Expo Facebook event Page $200 Value
  • Listing on the Camp Discounts page at the Top $500 Value
  • Free Swag Bag Placement $ 500 Value
  • Free Virtual Camp Expo Listing on Virtual Camp Expo Website $400 Value
  • 2 Blog per month* $1500 Value


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