Virtual (website) DFW Summer Camp Expo

This is the website, online listing, of the best Summer Camps and Summer Activities in the DFW area and overnight camps for families to get more information on. We also have a one day in person event that families can attend to talk to the Summer camps  and Summer activities in person.  The online/website version is hosted on the website until December 31,2022. The in person Expo is only one day in February 19, 2022 We had a great event and our next in person event will be Feb 2023, details coming in September 2022. Please reach out if you have any questions, we are here to help. 

List  your Summer Camps or Summer Activities online for a Full year for Moms all over DFW to sign up their children for your Summer camp or Summer Activities. Listing is up until December 31,2022. ( We often do not take them down until Feb when the next in person Camp Expo happens, If you attend the DFW Camp Expo 2023 your listing will stay up for another year!)


Your Camp or Activity will also have a Full Page listing. Click below to see a current example of what your full page would look like.

This is a ONE Time FEE of $399 .

The camps and activities will be listed from the day you pay* until December 31 2022. (often times not taken down until Feb 2023 when the next in person DFW Camp Expo happens and if you are in attendance you will not come down as you will have another year!)

Click button below and Use the CODE GIVEN TO YOU IN YOUR WELCOME PACKET or in the Email. 

Make sure to use your Code to check out with. 

Online Listing Example in the section of your choice

Included for your ONE TIME Payment

  • Listing on Virtual Summer Camp and Activities Expo Website until December 31, 2022. In the section of your choice. 

  • Full website Page about your Camp Dates, Times, pictures, links back to your website(great backlinks for your website)

  • Inclusion in monthly newsletter (22,000+ moms) EVERY Month until December 2022.

  • Inclusion in a listing on our Discount camps page on the website. If you have a discount to offer. 

  • up to 3 weekly social media post on our sites sharing our audience 

  • 1 blog per month on our site sharing our audience 

  • Discounts on Future listings on Spring Break Camps, Winter Camps.

  • link to a private Facebook page with tips, how to, and monthly reminders for your package. 

  • Your Will be listed in 3 places on our site for all moms to see! Summer Camp listing, Full Page listing and on Discount Page. 

  • Discounts to attend the yearly in person DFW Camp Expo 2023! 

Just a few ways we will Market for Virtual Summer Camp and Activities Expo

  • Weekly FB, IG, Twitter with links to the Virtual Summer Camp and Activities Expo

  • Boosted FB pages to Virtual Summer Camp and Activities Expo

  • Inclusion of Summer Camp and Activities website in monthly newsletter. (22,000+ moms)

  • Traffic is ramps up even more every year starting in September advertising the next in person Expo! 

Example of the Full Page Listing