Summer Fun

NRH20 Offers Fun

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Escaping the heat is the prime reason why a family goes to a waterpark. So why not go to the best! If you are in Fort Worth you want to go to NRH2O. They say everything is bigger in Texas; and they were not exaggerating when they said that about this water park. They have …

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Frisco Water Parks

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If you live in Collin County and have not been to the Frisco Water Park as of yet; you are missing out! This waterpark has everything that every member of the family is looking for in a waterpark all wrapped into one. It has been open since 2007 and within the first few years they …

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A Spectacular adventure Awaits: Exploring the Epic Indoor Water Park!

DFW Family Directory-Epic Water Park

If you’re seeking an unforgettable aquatic experience filled with thrills and excitement, look no further than the Epic Indoor Water Park in Grand Prairie, Texas. Nestled within the state-of-the-art Epic Recreation Center, this water park is a paradise for water enthusiasts of all ages. Let’s dive into the exhilarating world of this extraordinary water park, …

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Splash Pads in Collin County

The city officials throughout Collin County have really gotten the gist of a perfect splash pad for toddlers and small children. There are multiple different splash pads throughout Collin County; however, there are two that are above and beyond what any toddler is expecting. First, we have Hope Park and secondly, we have Slayter Creek …

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Best Splash Pads in Dallas

Splash pads are becoming more and more popular with every age group. They were basically initially advertised for toddlers. However, that has changed. Especially since it has been proven that splash pads encourage socialization like crazy! Parents can take their small children and allow them to have fun in the water while they socialize with …

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