DFW Camp Expo

Why you should attend the DFW Camp expo

DFW Camp Expo-

Why you should Attend DFW Camp Expo. “I’m BORED!” is a phrase that every mom cringes at hearing.  Kids convey this with an eye roll, huff and puff, or being whinny.

Discover an epic event to help educate moms on all the ways to entertain your children during summer break or any school break: DFW Camp Expo

DFW Camp Expo is connecting local parents one on one with local camp directors and activities in the DFW area.  That’s exactly what will happen each year at the Expo.  DFW Camp Expo will dazzle you from start to finish. There are early bird giveaways, free swag bags to the first 250 families to enter. There are many reasons to attend the DFW Camp Expo but we have the top 5 reasons to attend the DFW Camp Expo.

Each vendor designs their own space letting you know about their camps and other class offerings. There is seriously a camp for ALL ages. The best part is that each vendor brings a unique experience for the kids, so the entire day is a fun, family outing Come see what educational demonstration or art project your favorite camp has.  Click here to view a clip of last year’s event.

5 reason to attend the DFW Camp Expo start with Spark as one of the vendors of the event.

1. Hands-on, Educational Demonstrations

There will be numerous vendors set up to give you information on their camps. However, just looking at an awesome table display doesn’t fully help you decide if your child will love and be interested in the camp. Being at the event with hands on experiences and 1 on 1 camp directors to answer questions helps too.  You will LOVE that these booths have hands-on, educational demonstrations. You may even be able to plan your next birthday party at the same time as many of the camps also do birthday parties.  

Having the opportunity to interact with the booths as well as ask questions will give your child time to explore camps, they never thought they would like. Gather tons of information and ask as many questions as you like to make the best decision for your child’s camp experience.

2. Discounts

Many of the vendors will offer exclusive early booking discounts for attendees. Summer camps will be offering event only coupons. Also, most of the booths will also take your name and email if you like and send you more information. They will keep in contact with you for upcoming classes and camps during school breaks. Others display their discounts on the website here. A little tip that will help you this year (and highly recommend for you), is to print out address labels with your name and contact information. Then, as you walk around, you can put your sticker on the form rather than having to fill everything out by hand. Yes, there are that many amazing booths! This will also help with the raffles as you will need to fill in upwards of 40+ raffle tickets.  If you already have your name and email address printed this will be a very quick process.

3. Raffles

There will be upwards of 40+ raffles at the event this year. Make sure you print out your name and email on address labels as you will have upwards of 40 raffles to enter. If you have name and email address already on address labels it will be much easier to enter to win all the free items and gifts for the raffles.  The raffles range from gift baskets, Gift cards, free weeks of camp and large, gift cards for camps as well. All the vendors at the event will be offering a raffle and many of our other partners that could not make the event will also be offering a raffle. Make sure you enter all the ones you want. You can put all your raffle tickets in one raffle or spread the tickets across many raffles. This gives you the opportunity to enter only the ones you want to win!

4. Fun Family outing

This event is not only for gathering information; it’s also for having tons of fun! Majority of the vendors will have an interactive display. There will be a craft table, a face painter and much more to do. This event is educational and fun.  Don’t worry if you are an introvert there are still plenty of options for you as well. Camp directors really want to meet you and are very welcoming. They want to answer every question you have as they want you to attend their camp this year.  You will not feel pressured to give your information and there is so much fun around every corner that you will not be nervous. You may have more fun than you child!

It’s Free!!

Best of all, this is a FREE EVENT with early bird door prizes, raffles, and so much more. The DFW Camp Expo allows you to simplify your summer planning. It’s a one-stop summer camp resource event. You can get reserved discounts and enter to win free camps. It eliminates you having to spend hours searching for the right camp online. Find adventures, enrichment, and fun with options close to home and across the country. You get to meet face-to-face with camp directors and secure your child’s spot at the best summer camps! Do not stress out; plan your children’s summer and make it the best one yet.

You should attend DFW Camp Expo to see The Learning Experience elephant mascot as in this picture.