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National WaterPark Day

National waterpark day

National Waterpark Day is July 28, and if you’re reading this from someplace like my home state of Texas, then you know it is hot, hot, hot! There is no better place to spend a hot day than a waterpark! Here is a list of some must haves to pack to make sure your day is fun and safe.

Packing for your Waterpark day

Before you get packing and head out, make sure you head to the website of your chosen park and read the guidelines for what you can bring into the park. Check to see if lockers are available, and if you need to bring your own lock or quarters to use them. See if outside food and drink are allowed, if not, see what kind of payment the food vendors accept. No sense in taking your credit/debit cards if they only accept cash. Go over their general guidelines and expectations so you are fully aware of guest responsibilities. Let’s talk about some common items we don’t want to forget for our day at the waterpark.


I prefer spray on sunscreen , as the coverage is more even and it is easier to apply. Make sure to rub it in after spraying and apply often as the directions on the can or bottle indicate. Also, the higher the SPF, the better.

Sunglasses or a Hat/Visor:

We need to protect our peepers from those UV rays as well. Kiddos might not want to wear glasses or hats, but try anyway! Hats/visors will also help combat sunburn to the face and ears.

Water shoes:

That sun beating down on the pavement is going to make for pretty hot steps. Keep those feet safe by wearing shoes. I don’t recommend flip flops as they tend to get slippery when wet. The bottom of the pools might also be rough, so water shoes will protect feet in the pool areas as well.

Wet Bag/Dry Bag:

You want to bring at least two bags with you. One for wet clothes, one for dry clothes. If you keep them separated, they are easier to manage when you get home. Head to the laundry room and throw that wet bag right into the washer.

Dry clothes:

We want dry clothes to go home in. We don’t want to sit in the car in wet clothes and mess up the seats. Also, chaffing is a thing. It’s uncomfortable to be in wet clothes for a whole day!

Extra towels:

We want at least one towel per person, but if you have room, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few extra towels. Any sort of accident that takes a towel out of commission, like somebody has a spill, or a kiddo gets a towel too wet and there’s no time to dry it out.

What else should you Bring

Now, how about some uncommon items that we don’t normally think about? This next list is geared more towards the “I didn’t think I’d need it, but boy I’m glad I packed it” school of thought.

Cell phone accessories:

Waterproof case, portable charger, charging cables. Face it, we have become a society who treat our phone as a third hand. Make sure you keep it charged and dried!

Goggles/Eyeglass strap:

If we want to be able to see underwater, or just be able to see period, these items are a must. We don’t need to lose our glasses and have somebody step on them in the bottom of the pool.

Go-Pro or disposable waterproof camera:

Want to catch those cannonballs or death defying leaps from the diving board and don’t want to wreck your phone? These items are perfect. Make those memories and capture them for forever!

First Aid kit:

We don’t normally think to pack this. Make your own using a small backpack, a small tackle box, an old purse, or a large lunch box. Include Band-Aids, antibiotic ointment or spray, aspirin or other pain reliever, anti nausea or other upset tummy medicine. Remember any daily prescriptions that need to be taken, any rescue meds that might be needed such as an epi pen or rescue inhaler, and any feminine products that might be needed unexpectedly. You can even throw in a small brush and some hair ties

For any little ones, bring an approved floatation device such as a life vest that has the arm connectors that is commonly called a puddle jumper. Everyone could benefit from a flotation device. For infants, bring a flotation device that has an overhead cover to protect that sensitive skin. Avoid counting on water wings, as they really are ineffective and not endorsed by the CDC. Also, get ear plugs for those littles that have sensitive ears or are prone to ear infections. Finally, get waterproof wristbands to put your name and phone number on in case you get separated. But remember, there is no better protection than your attention.

Packing the cooler:

If the waterpark lets you bring your own food and drinks, make sure you’re packing it with the end goal of keeping everyone hydrated. Obviously we want water. Pack at least 2 bottles for everybody. Fresh fruit, string cheese, celery, carrot sticks, protein or granola bars, apple slices, pretzels, trail mix, peanuts or other nuts like almonds or cashews make great healthy snacks that are grab and go!

Remember, this day is all about spending time with your family and making those memories while staying cool! Pack your stuff accordingly and be prepared for every situation, and you’ll have
minimal problems during your day. Have a great day during your waterpark adventure!