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Splash Pads in Collin County

The city officials throughout Collin County have really gotten the gist of a perfect splash pad for toddlers and small children. There are multiple different splash pads throughout Collin County; however, there are two that are above and beyond what any toddler is expecting. First, we have Hope Park and secondly, we have Slayter Creek Park. Both parks have amenities all their own.

Hope Park

Hope Park

Hope Park: This park is located on East McKinney Road in Frisco and it is just beautiful for kids. There is a section for the smaller kids and a section for the bigger kids. This sets the minds of the parents at ease knowing that their smaller children are not going to bump into bigger kids and be injured. They have really thought of everything. The restrooms are clean, the play equipment is clean, there are trails and even a pavilion and pond. The flooring in the splash pad area is made of foam and this ensures that your little ones will not hurt themselves if they fall. They have really proven that the park is there for all ages.

Slayter Creek

Slayter Creek Park

Slayter Creek Park: Now, this park is located on W. Rosemont Parkway in Anna. It is not segregated like Hope Park by age. But it is obvious where the smaller kids will be playing versus the bigger kids. There is a splash pad and a playground separately. Which makes it very convenient. This way if you do not want your child to get wet, just simply keep them in the playground area. This park also has a state park, tennis and basketball courts, and a very large gazebo that would be perfect for a picnic or barbecue lunch.

There are so many great reasons to take your small children to a splash pad. Socialization is by far one of the most important. You want your child to have those socialization skills prior to going into school. It will make schooling easier; believe it or not.

However, when parents utilize a splash pad area for smaller children it also helps improve their motor skills. It teaches children how to use their hands and fingers simultaneously to achieve the task. It teaches them the result of not moving out of the way in time for a bucket of water to pour! Not everything has a negative consequence, and it is crucial for children to learn this knowledge at a very young age. Having the ability to learn it while having the time of their life is just icing on the cake!