The Summer Brain Drain

The summer “brain drain” is real. According to Ron Fairchild, executive director of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Summer Learning, students can lose roughly 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in mathematical computation skills over the course of the summer. Whether it is mathematics, the joy of science discovery, exploration of the fine arts, …

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Guide to the perfect first summer camp experience of your child

Summer camps are a very resourceful platform for children to learn how to socialize and develop interpersonal skills. Some of the best memories you have of your childhood always revolve around summer camps. Long summer holidays can make children dull and lethargic. A better way to keep children engaged and entertained is a summer camp …

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Why Go to Summer Camp

Why Go To Summer Camp? Going to summer camp isn’t just about taking a break for the holidays. It can be an amazingly educational experience. For many kids, summer camps are amazing opportunities. They can learn new skills, and develop strong social bonds. They can also start new friendships, and build confidence in themselves. Keep …

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