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The Summer Brain Drain

The Summer Brain Drain

The summer “brain drain” is real. According to Ron Fairchild, executive director of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Summer Learning, students can lose roughly 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in mathematical computation skills over the course of the summer. Whether it is mathematics, the joy of science discovery, exploration of the fine arts, learning social skills or navigating dyslexia, The Kid Connection is teaming with parents across Collin County to help fight that brain drain. Join us as we help students maintain routines, expand their education, find academic encouragement, and work to continuously ignite their imaginations.

In 2022, the summer “brain drain” fight is taking on an entirely different level. The past two years have unquestionably impacted our kids and their learning process whether they were learning from home, online or in-person. The Kid Connection opened in downtown McKinney about a year ago to tackle this exact concern. As a former teacher, I can tell you kids need routine and positive feedback. So, taking almost three months off school doesn’t feed those educational desires. We are offering multiple summer camps to help ignite (or re-ignite) their joy in learning.

The Kid Connection summer camp sessions begin in early June. There are seven different options to choose from across multiple sessions. Does your child love to channel their inner Shakespeare? Check out our creative writing camp. Are they ready to become a secret agent or mad scientist? We have a camp for that. Does reading look a little different due to dyslexia for your child? Join our camp with our dyslexia specialists. Whether it is one of these options or going on an ed-venture, enhancing social skills, or uncovering their artistic genius, we have a camp for that, too. Sign up today at www.thekidconnectiontx.com.

The summer “brain drain” is real but only if we let it take over our kids. Make a pledge to keep your children’s brains active. Keep their imagination soaring. Allow them the opportunity to return to school in August telling stories of that awesome summer camp experience. Join us at The Kid Connection in downtown McKinney. Together, we can help move your child from brain drain to brain gain.

Courtney Currie
The Kid Connection
Located in McKinney, Texas