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What to Do in Collin County with kids

What to do in Collin County with Kids. I think it is hilarious when I talk to people that are not familiar with Texas, about different places to visit. Why people think that there are just horses and bulls walking down the street in Texas is beyond me! However, there are some cool places to visit. Especially if you are talking about Collin County.

What to do in Collin County with kids. Picture of kids doing karate

First, if you or your family are sports enthusiasts then you need to visit the Allen Events Center. Here they have hockey games or soccer games for literally all ages. Not only do they have the event set up here, but there are also some great places around to catch a meal when the game is over. Adding as well that the parking is free, this is a must visit location!

Heard Natural Science Museum

What to do in Collin County with kids. A picture of kids playing

For the family that is interested in the outdoors and wildlife then the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary is for you. The sanctuary is in McKinney, and it takes roughly 1 to 3 hours to go through fully. This depends on whether you take the entire trip or not. However, the nature walking trails are beautiful when the weather is right. Also, the conditions are not perfect for a stroller, but they are doable if you have little ones.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

If you want to stick with nature, then visit the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. This would also be an excellent option. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is in Plano and is generally open every day. This is a great place to take children on nature walks and just escape the city for a moment. There is a great park environment that allows kids to interact with nature safely.

Hertiage Farmstead Museum

Families are looking for different mental stimulation. So, you may consider Heritage Farmstead Museum, located in Plano. A wonderful preserved older fam in Plano. Quite often the elementary schools take students here on field trips. There is a lot of education in this little old farmhouse.

In-Sync Exotics

Animals and their well-being are always at the forefront of everyone’s mind. With this, consider visiting In-Sync Exotics, located in Wylie. This little treasure is extremely shocking when you visit. So many people envision animal sanctuaries as negative places for animals. Not here, these animals are treated wonderfully and beautifully by the staff. The entire location is extremely family-friendly and based strictly on education and care.

What to do in Collin County with kids. A group of kids sitting on a bench

No matter what you decide to do in Collin County, make sure it is fun. Visit some places that are exciting or some places that really get you up and motivated and excited! Do not be bored at home during summer. No reason to sit at home. Get out there and have your own adventure!