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What to pack for day Camp

Packing for day camp versus Summer camp is no less important. There are items a camper needs for a day camp that will make or break a great experience if forgotten. The most logical way to pack for day camp is to have a very durable book bag, and designate it for day camp items only!

Here is an excellent go-to list for all-day camp adventurers to pack by!

Bathing Suit & Towel: Both of which are critical. Parents often consider sending their campers with their swimsuits on under their clothing. Think about that for a moment; when they swim and it gets wet, then they have to wear the clothes again; on top of it. Not such a great idea anymore. Make sure to send the bathing suit in plastic bag or zip lock. This will help keep everything else dry, for the most part.

Plastic Water Bottle: This is a must-have in any camping environment. Most, if not all, day camp facilities will have water refill stations for water bottles. This will save on water bottles in the landfill. This will make sure your camper has access to water to drink all day. During the summer, water is not something you want limited.

Snacks: This is dependent on where your camper is scheduled to attend their Summer camp. Some camps provide meals and/or snacks, some do not. Check with your camp to make sure you pack your camper what they need.

Having your campers attend day camps during the Summer is great for exercise and their mind. Keeping that in mind; there are a few items that they can leave at home also. Do not pack any video games or electronics for them. These will only keep them from the outdoors and the fresh air and fun that awaits them.

To be completely transparent; leave all the valuable or personal items at home. Allow them to venture out and go make friends at camp. It is time we get back to in person friendships.