DFW Camp Expo

About Us

DFW Camp Expo was created out of mothers trying to figure out Summer Camps, Summer Activities, and the plan for our children’s Summer.  Spending hours chatting with each other trying to figure out who is going to what camp. Which week to plan camps, where the best summer activities are, what weeks to take vacation and more. Trying to plan a family’s summer is a great deal of work!

Find the best discounts for summer camp, summer activities and vacation. How to sign up early to get the best discounts. Figuring out which summer passes to get.  Being nervous about sending our kids to camps with people we have never met. It was all so much.

DFW Camp Expo was born out of this confusion and desire to make a better way to make these decisions. We wanted to give families one place to find out as much information as possible. Meet the directors/owners of these companies. Giving families the chance to ask all their questions in person and get flyers. A chance for families to be introduced to so many local and out of state companies to pick the best options for their summer plans! Having the event be fun for all ages to bring the family along to see in person which camps and activities your children will respond to. 

DFW Camp Expo has grown each year with more summer camps, summer activities and family friendly businesses attending. Overnight and out of state camps join us each year to give families choice and resources to make the best decisions. Our online directory helps parents all year long make those decisions if they cannot make the expos. Or resources to get even more information on businesses they met in person at the event. We look forward to serving families and providing resources to help families make the decisions of how to spend their summer each year!