Winter Music / Theater Camps

Winter Music/ Theater is a great way to keep your children engaged for the winter breaks. These breaks include Fall Break, Thanksgiving and Christmas break. We strive to help you as a family not hear the dreaded I am bored. 


North Texas Performing Arts

Theatre and film camps are a great way for children to explore literature in a fun and creative way. Kids will transform into a superhero, a princess, or their favorite storybook character as they bring popular stories to life on stage or on film at North Texas Performing Arts exciting theatre programs! With learning opportunities for grades K-12, there’s a spot for everyone to learn from our professional directors, actors, and singers who have worked everywhere from Broadway to L.A. This year’s fall and winter break camps include: Creativity Camps for grades K-5, Intro to Acting for grades 6-9, 1-Week Film Production Camp for Grades 6-12, and Deaf Theatre Production Camp for Grades 1-8.

The Art Centre Theatre

ACT offers Summer Camps and Private Lessons for all ages. ACT offers classes and workshops for singing, dancing, acting, art and a myriad of other disciplines. If you are looking for an immersive professional instructor let us help you achieve excellence. Summer Camps are free to PLANO CITIZENS and are $250 for all persons outside the CIty of Plano.

Free Summer Camps

That’s right! Yet another year The City of Plano has given us the opportunity to offer FREE Art & Drama Camps!
Slots are filling up quickly, so make sure you register soon!
Students will work with experienced instructors for 2 weeks Monday -Friday, 9am – 5pm, touching on multiple artistic subjects such as Singing & Dancing technique, Camp Themed Arts & Crafts, & Story Building.
The children will construct their own story & by the Friday of the 2nd week, present it in front of Family & Friends.