DFW Camp Expo

Tips For Parents

Tips for Parents-Ideas On How to Prepare for the Event

Important Things to Do Now:

  • Mark your Calendar to attend Summer Camp Expo
  • Make a list of Things to ask the camps (see below for ideas)
  • Think about what type of camps you think your child would like.
  • Come ready to learn about so many new camps.
  • Schedule a medical check-up. Many camps require medical forms with the application

7 Tips for Finding the Right Summer Camp

  1. Set your Expectations
  • Define what the Right camp means to you and your Camper.
  • What do you or your Camper want from the Camp, Learn something new, hone a current interest, or just meeting new people. 
  • Make sure you are speaking the right terminology to your Tween or Teen maybe Summer Camp is not the correct word and maybe sports camp, Pre college camp or Camp to explore nature.
  • If you and your Camper are on the same page while attending the Camp Expo you are more likely to find a Camp both of you Love. 

2. Select the Right Genre of Camp

  • Special Needs
  • Traditional
  • Academic 
  • Art 
  • Adventure
  • Athletic 

3. Decide on Day or Overnight Camps

  • Day Camp work best for younger kids and ones who are still anxious about being away from home
  • Overnight Camps are great if your child is ready to show some independence or is socially ready to interact more away from their parents

4. The Setting of the Camp Experience

  • Some are at a University to give a first look at looking forward to college
  • Others are in a grade school or local business so still familiar 
  • Others are outdoors at a local park or museum 

5. Find the right instructor

  • Search reviews on instructors from previous camp
  • Look for credentials of teachers
  • Ask how long they have been teaching that camp
  • If possible ask for reference of previous camps
  • An instructor can make or break a camp

6. Price of Camp

  • Decide what you get from the camp opposed to the price
  • Technical or Stem camps often cost more because of the equipment
  • Make sure you are paying for what you need like early pick up/late drop off
  • Price is more than just how much it cost, what are you getting in return 

7. Research A lot to get the Right Camps

  • Attending the Camp Expo
  • Visit the Camps you like before Camp
  • Check references
  • Ask how long the current camp has been in business
  • How long the current instructor has been in place

Possible Questions for Camps at the Expo

  • What is the camp’s philosophy?
  • Are reviews available from families whose children have attended the camp?
  • How are medical emergencies handled?
  • What are the ages of the counselors?
  • What is the ratio of counselors to campers? 
  • How are persons with special needs accommodated for?
  • What is the camp’s refund policy?
  • Is the camp accredited with the American Camping Association?
  • What kind of training do staff receive?
  • What kinds of facilities are on-site?
  • What is a typical day’s schedule?
  • What are your safety protocols?
  • What nutritional guidelines do you follow?/(or do we pack lunch?)  
  • Is there a nurse on duty?
  • How far away is the camp?
  • What is special about this camp?
  • What does the camp’s programming involve
  • What are the enrollment options?
  • What percentage of the campers return each year?
  • How long has the camp been in business?
  • What is the background and experience of camp directors?
  • Does the camp offer any promotions?
  • How can I keep track of my child’s progress?
  • What kind of camper is most likely to have a good experience at this camp?​

For Day Camps:

  • Is transportation available?
  • Cost?
  • Are meals/snacks provided?

Print out the Form below and have your child fill it in. This will help get a conversation started about the right types of camps for your child. 

Click PDF button to download a copy of the document.

PDF to help with summer planning