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Summer Music / Theater Camps

Bring the enchanting world of musicals and theater to life with this directory to the premier summer camps in Dallas Fort Worth Texas, catering to kids and teens! 

Let your child experience the magic of the stage at North Texas Performing Arts, where professional directors, actors, and singers inspire and mentor unique summer programs. Whether your child is a newcomer or a seasoned performer, Center Stage Theater Camp provides them the backdrop to hone their acting skills through fun scripts, improv games, and variety show-style performances. Immerse yourself in the melodies of creativity at Lone Star Music Academy, where aspiring musicians find their voice and passion for performance, or let your child’s theatrical performances take center stage, promoting confidence, and a lifelong love for the arts. 

Keep scrolling to find the directory of the best summer music and theater camps in DFW.

DFW Camp Expo - North Texas Performing Arts

North Texas Performing Arts

Theatre camps are a great way for children to explore literature in a fun and creative way. Kids will transform into a superhero, a princess, or their favorite storybook character as they bring popular stories to life on stage at North Texas Performing Arts exciting theatre summer programs! With summer learning opportunities for ages 5 to 18, there’s a spot for everyone to learn from our professional directors, actors, and singers who have worked everywhere from Broadway to L.A.


Outcry Youth Theatre is the perfect place for a brand-new performer or an experienced thespian. Year-round productions, summer camps, and fall and spring classes offer something for everyone, with opportunities for performers ages 5-18.


Center Stage Theater Camp is a place for students new to stage acting, or simply looking to refine and practice skills. We have fun scripts & improv games and wrap up the week with a variety show style performance that will showcase every camp attendee.

Rockstars of Tomorrow Musicians Academy

At Rockstars of Tomorrow, we believe that music has the power to transform lives & create positive change. Our mission is to foster creativity, self-expression, and personal growth through music education. With a team of passionate and experienced instructors, we provide a nurturing and safe environment where students can flourish.

Lone Star Music Academy

Looking for summer fun in a safe environment while having a great time in learning? Join our team of highly qualified instructors this summer to immerse your child in weeks of music, arts and crafts, musical theater,STEM and video game music. Our curriculum is based on what KIDS WANT TO LEARN while not compromising the quality of instruction and Contant. They will experience divers hands-on learning opportunities while having a blast! Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity and be sure to check out early registration discount and 50% off referral incentive discount!

The Art Centre Theatre

We are offering two week FREE Summer camps for children who have residency in the City of Plano for ages 6 – 18. Camps are available Monday – Friday, 9am -5pm culminating in a production at the end of the second Friday camp.

For your children to be accepted into the program parents/guardians are REQUIRED to attend the parent meeting on the first day of camp at the end of the day at 5pm. If parents do not attend the required parent meeting their slot in the summer camp program may be forfeit.

Each Summer Camp has a different theme to them.

We are gonna max camps out at 75 per giving us a total of 375 openings for summer.

This is a communal Theatre. Meaning everyone chips in to do their fair share in clean up. Also the children during lunch and snack time gets to have fun picnic style. Eliminating table groups so no child is separated or ostracized from any group. We will evaluate and assess each child on the first day of class to make sure they are assigned an appropriate developmental group of peers.