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Summer Care

Summer Care is an online directory to help families find the best care for their children during summer break. This is an opportunity to miss out on the dreaded I am bored that will come from most kids. Keep your kids engaged and learning even on their summer break. 

DFW Camp expo-Millennium Smiles



At Millennium Smiles, our family-oriented atmosphere wholeheartedly welcomes everyone! Our team of experienced dentists and assistants is dedicated to provide patients with general and advanced cosmetic treatments with state-of-the-art technologies, as well as non-invasive approaches for Sleep Apnea, Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder, and Myofunctional disorders. Additionally, we incorporate holistic approaches such as Ozone Therapy and SMART amalgam removal to ensure highest safety standards for our patients. We focus on addressing the root causes of many conditions that not only affect oral health but overall health and wellbeing. We welcome you to join our family and enjoy the Millennium Smiles experience!



Christian Based Preschool offering Full Time Care for Summer


Jabber Talk Speech and Consulting, PLLC

Jabber Talk Speech and Consulting, PLLC is a mobile private practice offering speech and feeding therapy in home, daycares, ABA centers and private school settings.




ACRC Trials is currently recruiting volunteers to participate in research studies, and financially compensating them for participation. Our doctors are recognized by their peers, year after year, as D Magazine’s “Best Doctors.” Our team of physicians and research nurses provide convenient, accessible and high-quality patient care, all under one roof.

Participation provides us with important information, which is necessary to discover new therapies for diseases and disorders. We provide an opportunity for our patients and volunteers to participate in the evaluation of new medical treatments which are not yet available for general use and receive study related care at no cost.

Vital Motion Chiropractic

Vital Motion Chiropractic: helping build a healthier generation! We know life can be tough growing up with all the falls as we first learn to walk, to the crashes on the bike or into walls, not to mention the physical stress once your kids start playing sports and growing like wildfires. We are here to help your kids live a healthier life full of joy! We have helped tons of moms and kids ranging from prenatal care to childhood milestone delays, Autism, ADHD, growing pains and more! We are here to serve Frisco, book your FREE consultation today!.