DFW Camp Expo

Frequently Asked Questions

We are an annual event that brings together summer camps, summer activities and family friendly businesses with local families. This one-day event helps families meet 1 on 1 with owners and managers to ask questions and get information to plan your summer. 

The event is free to the public. We are open from 10am -2pm.

There are typically 2 in the DFW area. The venues change some years, but we typically announce the locations in October for the coming February. We try to have one location in Dallas and the second location Plano or Frisco.

Make sure to bring a snack and drink if you are bringing your kids. We do not have any food vendors at the event.

Kids are welcome and encouraged. We typically have entertainment for the kids. Most tables will have a prize or activity for kids to do. This is a great time for your child to explore different options for camp. A chance to ask questions and see new types of camps.

This is a great opportunity for your kids and family to ask questions about the camps and businesses at the event. Plan your summer in just one day!

There are many options to enter to win gift baskets, prizes, and even free camps. Bring address labels with your name, phone number and email address to enter to win all the prizes quickly.

The event is from +10am to 2pm. Make sure to get their when we open the first 250 families in the door get a free swag bag!

No, all the raffles will be drawn after the event. Winners will be contacted by the company they won the prize from to pick up or use their winnings.

When you attend the event, you will be given a game cube. You will take this paper to each booth and get a stamp. Each stamp is one raffle ticket. Once you have finished the booths bring the game cube to the table and you will be given the number of raffle tickets as you have stamps.

You can enter as many raffles as you have tickets. You can put all the tickets in one box, or you can spread them across the number or boxes. Up to you how you want to enter to win.