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Homegrown nature school

Homegrown nature school is going back to the basics. We work to have the children outside for play and learning. We are looking to help our kids grow by teaching them about the outdoors. Children thrive in nature and we want to help them have an appreciation for all nature. Teaching kids about the outdoors, teaches them so many life lessons while still being fun.
We all need to know how to grow food. Teaching a child how plants grow and where their food come from teaches so many lessons. How to take care of mother earth. How hard it is to grow our food. Have a sense of accomplishment for all the food they have grown. An appreciation for the time and effort others put in to growing their food and so many other lessons to share.
Understanding different animals around us will with fear of those animals. Armed with the knowledge of what can and will hurt them may one day save their life. Understanding what to touch and what is dangerous to touch can help when you are not there. These are all lessons we could all use. Nature is so beautiful and has so many things to offer us if we know how to act. Our school gives these children the life lessons to survive and thrive in nature. We want to make sure your kids have the best information to enjoy and be safe in nature. Our goal is for each student is to find a new love for being outdoor and learning about all things nature! We strive for your child to come home tired, dirty and full of stories to tell about all they learned!
We will be learning about gardening, sustainability, outdoors skills, water games and more!
Home Grown

Phone: 972-804-5984

Age Group:

5 Years+


3800 Troy Rd
Wylie, TX 75098

Camp Dates:

June 13th – 17th
July 11th – 15th
August 8th – 12th

Camp Hours:
  • 9am – 1pm
  • Gardening
  • Outdoor Skills
  • Water Games
  • Sustainability