DFW Camp Expo

Want to meet the vendors?

Be in the Vendor Bags

The DFW Camp Expo draws over 100+ vendors each year. We will have 3 locations this year, the sky is the limit. Each vendor will receive a Specialty vendor bag full of  items and information from business  who target small businesses and Summer Camps or Summer activities in the DFW Area. This is a one stop shop to meet so many of the same type of business at one time for one low price. All the businesses at the Expo are family friendly. There will be camps, family friendly business and summer activities, majority of them a small business. This will be a very targeted market.  There will be 125 bags, to make sure we have plenty. Each bag will contain a 3 ring binder. This binder will have clear sleeves we will advertise with your  paper items; such as thin catalogs, flyers, or several pages of products or items maybe be show cased.  Pricing is below for the number of pages in the binder you want to add.  Also, you may add other items to the bags like pens, pencils, koozies, rulers and so much more. You will need to purchase a Vendor Bag placement  for items. You will then  purchase the number of pages/spots you want in the the 3 ring binder for any paper information you would like to share with the vendors. The Vendor bags are NOT the same as the Swag Bags given to families who attend the event. Vendor bags are strictly given to the booths who attend the event. 

Example of some types of business who would would want to be in the Vendor Bags:

Tee Shirt printers

Banner Printers

Brochure printers

Snow Cone Trucks

Game Trucks 

Anyone targeting Small Business

Types of Entertainment

Over-sized Games

Bubble Bus

Play Bus Travels

Educational Options

And so much more!


The Benefits

  • Your reference material directly in the hands of small businesses/vendors who need your services or product
  • Your information directly to the person who attended the events often the decision maker in most small businesses.
  • Tangible items and information from your business to the small businesses you want to reach
  • 125 vendors who need your services these are warm and TARGETED leads of business who have the resources for your products and services
  • Raise your profile and build awareness of your company with the chance to get in front of this target market
  • See our website to know what companies to contact for follow up

Become a Vendor Sponsor at the event

DFW Camp Expo can get your message to our vendors at the Expo. These are camps, summer activities, and small business who need your services all in one place. This a pool of your target market with the resources to purchase your goods and services. 

The following is an outline of sponsorship opportunities for you to consider: Remember the bags and binders are going directly to the Vendors at the event!

3 Ring Binder Sponsor $700


  • The front of the 3 Ring Binder will have a clear sleeve front. You can have printed 8 1/2 by 11 to be added to all 125 binders.

  • Your Business will be the FIRST business for all the Vendors to see 

  • Your logo on the Spine of the binder along with the name of the binder

  • 2 Sleeves worth of information in the binder which is 4 81/2×11 pages 2 pages front and back

  • Free Vendor Bag Placement 

  • inclusion mention in 2 emails to all the vendors(we send out weekly emails for reminder

Vendor Bag Sponsor $500

  • Vendor Bags with your logo on one side of the bag be the first thing vendors see
  • Free Vendor Bag Placement( can not be paper must be an item of sorts)
  • 1 Sleeve of information added to the 3 ring binder(additional sleeves $25.00 per sleeve)

Vendor Bag Placement $75

  • Vendor Bag Placement into all Vendor Bags given to the booths at the event

  • Vendor Bag Item can NOT be paper must be an item (examples pens, paper packs, mini banners, water bottle etc)

  • Can be paper if it is for a COMPLETELY FREE ITEM

  • Discount coupons can only be placed in the Binder. See below!

3 Ring Binder Placement $25.00 per Clear sleeve up to 10 max.


  • A Clear front Binder 3 ring binder(Binders Sponsors information will be added) will encase report sleeves.

  • You may purchase a binder sleeve to have your information added to. (2) 8 1/2 by 11 pages per sleeve. You can purchase up to 10  

  • DFW Camp Expo will add information to sleeves but you must print and provide.  Check printer tab for discounts on printing. 

  • Binders will be placed in Vendor Bags and given to Vendors who have a booth  at the DFW Camp Expo.