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Robin Hollo

Robin Hollo is the Author kids love and parents trust.

Children’s Author, Robin Hollo’s books received a warm literary welcome with the release of three Children’s books: “How Many Kittens Can One Girl Have?” (3 Versions), “A Halloween Night Caper”, and “Skeedaddle Chronicles – Tom’s Tale”.  Robin received the 5 Story Monster Approved! Awards, Mom’s Choice awards and several coveted Five Star Reviews with Readers’ Favorite, one of the largest book review and award contest sites on the Internet.   Robin’s books have also earned 5-star reviews on the likes of Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well. All books have been released worldwide to rave reviews! 

Author kids love and Parents trust Robin Hollo books


“How Many Kittens Can One Girl Have?”

In a review by Joy Hannabass for Readers Favorite, Hannabass stated:

“…How Many Kittens Can One Girl Have? by Robin Hollo is a sweet book about a little girl who loves cats. Robin Hollo does a very nice job of writing this book, and I like the way she builds the anticipation about the other cats to get children excited about the book and Pearl’s furry friends.

Joy Hannabass goes on to say

Hollo weaves the story together and comes up with a very sweet ending that makes everyone happy, even Nugget. I enjoyed how the illustrations, along with the author, bring the story to life on the pages of this beautiful book. The pictures have vibrant colors and I love that the watercolors are a nice fit for the story as well. I think How Many Kittens Can One Girl Have? can be a nice addition to your child’s library, elementary school library, or any classroom or daycare library. Your children will fall in love with Pearl and her kitty friends.”

“A Halloween Night Caper”

In a review by Susan Sewell for Readers Favorite, Sewell stated:

“…A Halloween Night Caper by Robin Hollo is an entertaining middle-grade book. With incredible illustrations and a thought-provoking plot, the story captures the essence of children’s innate qualities and dispositions. More importantly, it contains a valuable message about consideration for others and judging people who seem different. It was gratifying to witness the protagonists’ parents taking an active part in teaching them how to respect others, helping them develop emotionally and mature into responsible citizens. With the perceived danger lurking just out of sight, this entertaining and suspenseful story will enthrall boys and girls from the ages of eight to twelve years.”

“Skeedaddle Chronicles -Tom’s Tale”

Talking Animal Books of Grapevine, TX Sewell stated:

“…Skeedaddle Chronicles-Tom’s Tale is the first in a series of stories told by Skeedaddle, a red-tailed squirrel, who lives in a cozy drey on a little farm in the Northeast.  The first book introduces us to the farm, Skeedaddle and both his animal and “Hummie” friends.  His first tale is about his friend Tom, a turkey on the farm.  The tale tells of how their newly found little “Hummie” friend, Ben, along with the help of the other animals, saves Tom from becoming a Thanksgiving turkey!  Read along and catch a glimpse of Skeedaddle’s sister, Skiddo, who is almost caught by the old farmers cat, Sage!  Wondering what a “Hummie is?   Learn more when you read “Skeedaddle Chronicles – Tom’s Tale”.    

A calendar of book signings and the chance to purchase a personalized/autographed copy of Robin’s books is available on her website:  The Enchanted Hollo:  https://theenchantedhollo.com/enchanted-bookstore  The author kids love and parents trust.

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