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How to Celebrate Birthdays at Summer Camp

How to celebrate birthdays at summer camp. For children who have birthdays that take place within the school year, it’s natural to want to celebrate their birthday with their classmates at school. At summer camp, it’s also possible to celebrate your child’s birthday with fellow campers. Whether your child is attending day camp or overnight camp, there are plenty of creative ways to make their birthday feel extra special. Here are some ideas for celebrating birthdays at summer camp.

How to celebrate birthdays at summer camp using sweet treats like this cake can make for a great birthday.

Ask Camp Staff About the Rules

Before making any plans to celebrate your child’s birthday at camp, ask the camp’s staff members what is allowed and what isn’t. You may find that while you can’t plan an entire themed party to celebrate your child’s birthday during the camp day, there are probably some options that you can choose from. The staff can give you guidance and may even have some great ideas on what to do.

Bring a Tasty Treat

Many summer camps will allow you to bring a tasty treat to camp to share with your child’s camp group or the entire camp. This could include birthday cake, cookies, ice cream, or popsicles. Be sure to send enough for everyone, as you don’t want anybody to miss out. You also want to abide by any rules the camp might have in terms of food restrictions. For instance, you may need to purchase something from a retailer as opposed to making it yourself. You might also need to be mindful of food allergies.

Take a Day Off From Camp to celebrate your birthday

Another way that you can celebrate your child’s birthday is to take a day off from camp and spend the day together as a family. This works for both day and sleepaway camps. In most cases, you are allowed to miss a day. While you probably won’t get a refund or a prorated rate for missing a day, you can choose to celebrate your child’s birthday that day however you choose. You can take them to a movie or out to lunch.

Birthday Care Packages for Overnight Campers

If your child is attending an overnight camp, you could also consider sending a care package or special treat to the camp to mark their birthday. This could be a package of their favorite snacks, a small gift, or a personalized card from home. Even though you may not be able to celebrate with them in person, receiving a special surprise from home can make your child feel loved and remembered on their special day. A care package can be how to celebrate birthdays at summer camp this year!

Find the Right Summer Camp for Your Children

Celebrating birthdays at summer camp can be a fun and unique experience for your child. Whether it’s through special treats for everyone at camp or a surprise care package, there are plenty of ways to make your child’s birthday at summer camp a moment they’ll never forget. If you’re looking for a summer camp for this summer, check out the directory at DFW Camp Expo.