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Why is Esports and Game Design Important?

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Why is Esports and game design are important. The majority of the schools in North Dallas and the Park Cities have high school or club eSports teams. eSports is growing in popularity every year. More Americans are watching eSports than all traditional pro sports other than the NFL. Your children already love gaming and it has little to do with the possibility of college scholarships or a lucrative pro career.

Gaming can be an isolating pastime. Joining one of our club eSports teams or clubs will give your kiddo a chance to be social with a group of like minded peers while gaining many of the important skills learned in traditional sports.

Benefits of eSports and Game Coding for kids includes, but is not limited to, the following:
1. Social skills
2. Teamwork
3. Managing success and failure
4. Travel skills
5. Hanging out with like minded friends
6. Strategic thinking
7. FUN
8. Introduction to various STEAM careers
9. Increased opportunity to make high school and college teams in the future.

For these reasons and other is why esports and game design are important.

Techie Factory Frisco offers various eSports and game coding classes and summer camps for kids aged 6-15. Our programs cover all things tech including coding, robotics, music production/DJ, YouTube creation, Esports, Minecraft modding and more! To learn more, visit us at www.techiefactory.com/frisco. Email your questions to [email protected]

Techie Factory can help you understand why esports and game design are important.
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