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DFW camp expo: Vendors Wanted!

Join Our DFW Kids Camp Expos As A Vendor

DFW Camp Expo: Vendors Wanted. Our camp expos offer resources and information for parents so they can find the right Spring, Summer, and even Winter camps for their children to enjoy. Hundreds of parents attend our expos with their children and many vendors have fun activities for the kids to enjoy while the parents learn more about what you have to offer. Games, door prizes, mascots and more are welcome to help entice, inform, engage, and educate!

DFW Camp Expo: Vendors Wanted. A vendor booth at a recent expo

Does your organization offer a kids camp for the spring or summer? Are you a business owner that offers fun activities or educational programs for children? Join our DFW Camp Expos for kids and meet with parents and children that may be interested in your camps! This is a one of a kind event in the DFW area where parents have the opportunity to meet 1 on 1 with Camp Directors and owners. Children have the chance to ask questions about these camps and get more information on them. Families have chance to explore camps they did not even know existed. This is a once a year event to help families plan the best summer ever!

You and/or your camp representatives will be able to setup your area. Put out all of the information parents will need to make an informed decision about your camp. Camps will also get great visibility as we post pictures to our website and social media platforms. This is a camps chance to put their best foot forward. A way to help families be more comfortable sending their kids to camp.

We have many kids camp expo events coming in 2023 and we would love to have you!

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Contact us to sign up to be a sponsor or vendor. Do not miss out on the next DFW Camp Expo.
https://dfwcampexpo.com/become-a-sponsor/ Check out our You Tube videos here.