DFW Camp Expo

Feeling Fanciful

Feeling Fanciful provides luxury character entertainment for private parties and corporate events across DFW. Specializing in one-of-a-kind costumes, expertly trained performers, and a tried and true entertainment program, we bring a reliable and unforgettable magic to every space our characters enter. Choose from any of your favorite princesses, superheroes, or fairytale characters to experience the most fun-filled activity package in the DFW metroplex. Plus, if you can’t find the character you’re looking for, we’ll create a custom design just for you!

DFW Camp Expo-Feeling Fanciful

Phone: 972-607-4119

Age Group:

1 years-12 Years

Ambient Music
Birthday Coronation w/keepsake tiara or sword
Themed Activities (ex. story time, fashion show, obstacle course)
Live Vocal Performance
Autographed Cards
Photo Opportunities
Virtual Invitations