DFW Camp Expo

Pogo Pass

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Get FREE admission into the following with your Pogo Pass:

🦍Fort Worth Zoo 1 VISIT

🔭Reunion Tower 1 VISIT

🌿Texas Discovery Gardens 1 VISIT 

⛹🏽‍♀️Dallas Wings Games 2 GAMES

🔫Shenaniganz 1 VISIT/MONTH

🐠SeaQuest 1 VISIT 

⚾️Frisco Rough Riders Games 2 GAMES

🏀Texas Legends Basketball Games 2 GAMES

⚽️Sidekicks Dallas Games 2 GAMES

🎳International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame 1 VISIT

🤸🏾‍♀️Kid Mania 2 VISITS 

💪🏼Pump it Up 2 VISITS 

⛳️Alley Cats 1 VISIT/MONTH

🎮National Video Game Museum 1 VISIT 

⛸Star Center 2 VISITS 

🩱The Cove at the Lakefront 1 VISIT 

💦Hawaiian Falls Waterpark or Hawaiian Waters 1 VISIT 

🦣 Mayborn Museum (Waco) 1 VISIT

🏉 Texas Sports History Museum (Waco) 1 VISIT

🏈🎳 Fowling Warehouse 2 VISITS

🧗‍♂️ Hapik 1 VISIT 

🛝 Play Park MTX 1 VISIT 

🧪Sci-tech Discovery 1 VISIT

🥍 Panthers Lacrosee Club 2 GAMES

⭐️ Main Event 1 VIST/MONTH per location 

 🎢XD Ride

Pogo Pass

Phone: 949-573-8288

Age Group:

All Ages


DFW area

Camp Dates:

Year Round Fun with Pogo Pass!

Camp Hours:
  • Visit venues at your convenience all year long!