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Virtual Online Directory Listing


Listing on our website in the Summer, Winter and Spring Camps. Plus a full page about your camp  for all moms to see as they are planning their kids Winter, Summer and Spring Breaks. Links directly to your page!


Included for your ONE TIME payment. 

  • Listing in the Online Virtual  Summer Camp and Activities Expo Directory Website until December 31, 2024.

  • Listing in the Summer, Winter and Spring section of the Online Virtual Directory of Camps.
  • Your Camp listing in the Section of your choice EX: academic, art, adventure
  • Full Page about your Camp Dates, Times, gallery, linked to your website and to your of the camp section
  • Inclusion  in monthly newsletter out to over  (22,000+ moms) EACH MONTH

  • 1 weekly social media post ( changes each month) we send you a form to fill in on the 1st of each month

  • 1 blog per month * a new blog each month we send you a form on the 1st of each month to fill in

  • Discounts on booths at our other events

  • Listing in the Summer Discount part of the website if you offer a discount code.

Just a few ways we will Market for Virtual online Summer Camp and Activities Expo/Directory.

  • Weekly FB, IG, Twitter with links to the Virtual Summer Camp and Activities Expo.
  • Boosted FB pages to Virtual Summer Camp and Activities Expo.

  • Inclusion of Summer Camp and Activities website in monthly newsletter. (22,000+ moms)

This is for the DFW Camp Expo Online Virtual Directory. This is for the Summer, Winter, and Spring options in the online Directory. Have your camp listed in every section of the Directory. This gives you a listing in the section of your choice in each of the options of Summer, Winter and Spring plus each listing will link to your website as well as your full page listing on our website. The full page listing on our website will include more information about your camps along with a photo gallery to help parents choose your camp. The full page is also directly linked to your website. Each of these listings plus the full page, online discount page will put you on our site in several different places.

The online virtual directory will give you the opportunity to share our audience of over 22,000+ families in the DFW Area.


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