DFW Camp Expo

Be In the Swag Bag


The DFW Camp Expo is designed to educate parents about the importance of investing in a camp experience. The swag bag is given out at the multiple events to families that are looking to put their kids in Summer Camps and Activities. The first 250 families to visit each event will get a swag bag. These are families who can afford this for their children. This is the target market for you.  Reach these families by going home with them in the swag bags.

The Benefits

Swag Bags
  • Reach new families who have the resources to purchase your products and services
  • Give families a compelling reason in the swag bag to contact you or purchase your goods
  • Ideal target market for you, consumers who are ready to purchase
  • Have your advertising reach a warm set of leads, our families
  • Multiple events to attract new families from other areas
  • A targeted pool of families ready to purchase your product or service
  • Option to participate in giving away freebies at the door for early birds
  • Option to have a giveaway at the event(You will get a copy of emails entered in your box)
  • Your Logo posted on our site as participating in the swag bags
  • FB welcome post on our FB page when you sign up and purchase


DFW Camp Expo will get your message to 250 families at each Expo. The Expo swag bag placement opportunity is ideal for a broad base of businesses  communicating special offers and services, new product launches and wanting to engage with a family audience. Our families are ready and willing to spend their money. They are attending this Expo for information on how to best spend their money. Make sure you are in front of this pool of warm leads for your service or product. 

Swag Bags at Summer Camp Expo

Don't see how you want to be involved?

If you do not see how you want to be involved in the DFW Camp Expo reach out. Click the button below and email us, let us know how you want to be involved and we will get back with you. 

Decided you want to have a booth at the event click below for Details!