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DFW Camp Expo-How to handle bullying at summer camp

How to address bullying at Summer Camp. When your little one comes home from summer camp unhappy and you find out that they are being bullied, it can turn your stomach. Camp is supposed to be something fun for everyone and a break from the usual problems kids can experience at school. Unfortunately, bullying is one problem that can follow your kids to camp. You can, however, take steps to handle the problem. Here’s how to address bullying at summer camp.

Give Your Kid Strategies To Diffuse Situations

The first line of defense for your kid against bullying can be one of any number of effective strategies to diffuse situations. Learning to handle bullies is an important part of growing up, and this is the perfect time to learn some new skills. Here are several strategies to have your child try.

Walk Away

Most bullies just want attention and are willing to do negative things to get it. If you deny them the attention, the bullying isn’t likely to continue. When the bully starts a problem, just walk away from the situation. 

Limit the Reaction

Similarly, you can limit the reaction to the bully instead of walking away. If you deny a bully the triggered reaction that they are looking for, then that bully will likely just move on. 

Challenge Without Violence

Some bullies do what they do because their targets don’t fight back. If you are the target, fight back with words instead of violence. A few clever comebacks to show that you are not going to back down. It may just be enough to show that bully that you are not a target anymore. 

Notify the Camp Authorities

The next step in resolving the problem is notifying the camp authorities. It is highly likely that the counselors and managers at the camp are unaware of the bullying that is going on. Otherwise, they would have taken action to stop it. With a few specific pieces of information, you can have the authorities help you put a stop to camp bullying. 

When you contact them, they need to know:

  • Who your child is and who your child’s counselor is
  • Who is bullying your child
  • How are they bullying your child

This information gives them a tangible problem to look for and stop when they see it happening. 

Bullying at Summer camp as this picture shows a child in distress

Take Action to Separate Your Kids From Bullies at summer camp

If all else fails, take steps to separate your kids from bullies. How this works depends on the structure of the camp. For example, many summer camps operate in small groups. If the bully is in the same group as your child, see if you can have your child reassigned to a different group. This will limit their interactions and make it much harder to bully your child. 

A Solution is Always Available

Nothing ruins your day like finding out that your kid is being bullied at summer camp. Fortunately, there is always a solution. You can also limit the chances of bullying at camp by choosing a high-quality camp to begin with. For this, you should check out the DFW Camp Expo, where we help parents just like you find the right summer camp for their kids.