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NRH20 Offers Fun. Escaping the heat is the prime reason why a family goes to a waterpark. So why not go to the best! If you are in Fort Worth you want to go to NRH2O. They say everything is bigger in Texas; and they were not exaggerating when they said that about this water park. They have literally thought of everything.

NRH2O is extremely family-friendly with all their rides and amenities. This is true even if you just want the kids to be on the splash pad or if you want to relax on an inner tube and float the lazy river. There is something for everyone. Be sure to check out the specials for residents that live close to the facility as well! And even if you don’t mind, they offer season passes that have free parking and free coolers!

NRH20 Offers Fun. This multicolored slide is one of the best at NRH20


This is one of their most popular water slides! It is 98 feet long and it empties out into a champagne bowl slide. The slide initially just goes straight down but then you start sliding in circles until you get to the end.


This ride is their second highest rated slide. It is 280 feet long and it has an enclosed body slide. The turns and twists will make you nauseous before you even hit the pool. Not to mention the end of the slide is completely enclosed, and dark!


This swimming area is perfect for younger swimmers. Children can use several different slides that are on a much smaller scale. There are balancing nets and lily pads for them to hold onto and keep their balance. This ensures that safety is a number one priority.

Endless River:

The endless river is for everyone. It is commonly called the lazy river because it forces someone to just calm down and relax. It is 660 feet long and guests are given an inner tube to either sit in or lay in to relax and float down the river

As with everything, there are rules and guidelines to follow. For certain rides they are going to be height requirements for weight requirements, some even have age requirements. However, whatever the requirement is, it is okay. Because that requirement is put into place to make sure that everyone has a fun and safe experience.

NRH20 Offers Fun. All the staff here at NRH2O care about your visit from beginning to end. They even have groups put together to help plan events and birthday parties, even lodging. Everyone specialists on hand to help you plan your next getaway to ensure that it is going to be relaxing and everyone is going to enjoy themselves.