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Packing Summer Camp Lunches

Packing Summer Camp Lunches. Most summer day camps do not provide lunch and snacks for campers and aren’t able to provide parents with an opportunity to purchase lunch for their children on-site. That means that you have to pack your child’s lunch every day. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to choose from so that you and your kid are not bored with your lunch options. Here are a few tips for packing summer camp lunches.

packing Summer camp lunches

Ask for Clarification About Lunches from Camp Staff

Before you start packing lunch, ask for clarification about lunches from camp staff. There are several things that you need to know, such as:

  • Do you have access to a refrigerator or microwave?
  • Do campers carry their lunches with them all day?
  • Are there packaging restrictions or food choice restrictions due to allergies in the group?

Knowing the answers to these questions gives you some direction when it comes to picking what’s for lunch. In most cases, plan for your kid to carry their lunch with them all day and not have access to kitchen appliances. That way, if anything goes wrong, they still have access to their lunch.

Focus on Nutrition

One of the most important things to consider when packing summer camp lunches is making sure they are balanced and nutritious. This means including a mix of protein, whole grains, fruits, and veggies to keep your child fueled and satisfied throughout the day.

Consider what your child does all day and plan lunch accordingly. With the right mix of foods, you can easily replenish their energy for the rest of the day.

Is your child enrolled in an athletic camp? They may benefit from sending a sports drink with lunch to replenish electrolytes and keep them hydrated.

Is your child enrolled at a science camp? Giving them something simple to eat with Vitamin D, Vitamin K, and other brain-healthy nutrients can help them learn faster and have more fun.

Whatever you pick, try to tailor it to their specific needs based on what they do all day.

Pack For Summer Condition

Pack foods that can withstand the summer heat without spoiling, such as insulated containers or ice packs, to keep perishable items fresh. You may also want to avoid perishable items whenever possible if your child will be outside all day. Ice packs are heavy and may not be enough to keep lunches cool outside. You’ll have your child carrying extra weight that isn’t particularly helping.

Instead, choose options that do not rely on staying cool to stay fresh. Vegetables, for example, are a good choice for this. They won’t go bad by lunchtime, even if left out in the heat. If there is an option that grows outside and can exist in nature for a long time without expiring, those are your best options.

Make Lunch Exciting for Your Child, Too!

It’s also essential to consider your child’s individual preferences and dietary restrictions. If your child is a picky eater, try to involve them in the lunch-packing process to ensure they will actually eat what you pack for them.

Packing Lunch is Part of the Fun

Packing lunch is just a part of the fun of sending your child to summer camp. Have fun with it by choosing things that go with the theme. Are they going to a space camp? Send them with space ice cream for dessert. Time at a farm camp means you can send veggies that they grow on the farm for your kid to see the growth cycle go full circle.

Make packing lunch a part of the fun by picking a camp that your child loves to go to. The DFW Camp Expo is the perfect place to find and sign up for camps of all varieties. We specialize in helping parents match their kids to the right summer camp for a fun and exciting summer. Sign up for a summer camp now before all of the spaces are filled for this year.