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7 Things to Know About Winter Break Camp

There are a few things to know about winter break camp before the start of the season.

Similar to summer camp, these are specialized programs designed to keep kids busy and learning during the winter break from school. These camps offer a variety of experiences, including sports, arts, and educational activities. They are a great way to keep your kids engaged and active during their time off from school, especially for parents who are busy or working. Many schools offer winter break camps for students, as well as parks and recreation centers.

Each year, we look at dozens of camps in the Dallas Fort Worth area to find the best of the best for our comprehensive Camp Directory. So, we’ve learned a thing or two about choosing the best camps for any season. 

These are the things to know about winter break camp before you sign up:

signing kids up for winter camp. Things to know before signing up for winter camp

You’ll need to do a little research

When selecting a winter break camp for your child, it’s essential to consider their interests and preferences.

Maybe a week is just long enough to explore a new hobby or talent your kiddo wants to try without committing to the whole summer or school year. Whether it’s winter sports camps or culinary programs, finding the right fit for your child is crucial to ensure they have a fulfilling experience.

Plan to Sign Up Early

Here’s the truth: There simply aren’t as many winter break camps as there are summer camps.

This can make it more difficult to find a spot if you wait until the last minute. Sign up to get emails from your favorite camp choices to keep an eye out for when they open up registration for their winter camps. This can help you to get into the programs that you prefer.

Bonus Benefit:

Some camps will also give early bird discounts if you sign up and pay by a certain date, while others might have payment plans to spread the cost over several months.

Understand activities beforehand

One thing that many parents don’t think to ask when it comes to winter break camp is regarding the types of activities that will take place. For instance, the camp might have students engage in Christmas activities. If your family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, this could be uncomfortable for your camper. Conversely, the Jewish Community Center might feature Chanukah crafts and stories. Knowing about this in advance what kind of activities will take place can help your family prepare.

Just remember that learning about the other holidays that occur during the winter months can be an awesome experience for children. There are dozens of different holidays in December, and winter break camp could help your kids learn about them.

Be ready for the great indoors

You might assume that all activities will be outdoors, but harsh weather can bring kids indoors (yes, even in Texas). It’s important to understand what the camp offers in terms of indoor activities when outdoor activities are limited.

Consider the Cost

Another thing to know about winter break camp is that it can often cost just as much as summer camp. It’s important to get an idea of the base fee and what’s included. Usually, this covers accommodation, meals, and basic activities. Specialized programs may also require equipment rental, uniforms, or excursions, so always check if they are covered.

Unless your kid is attending an overnight winter camp think about transportation expenses. Some camps offer shuttle services from specific zip codes, which could be an added expense but might be more convenient and cheaper than driving them yourself.

You should also check for any financial aid, scholarships, or discounts. Some camps offer need-based scholarships or sibling discounts, which can make the camp more affordable, so always ask.

Expect Lower Attendance Rates

Generally speaking, there are fewer kids that attend winter break camps than summer camps. In a practical sense, this can mean that kids your children bonded with over the summer may not be attending the same winter great camp if they attend it all. This can be a great opportunity for kids to meet new friends and get more personalized attention from counselors.

Learn More About Local Winter Break Camps

What winter break and summer camps are available changes each year. the best way to know about what local winter break camps are currently operating is to check out DFW Camp Expo.

Here, we do all of the research that you need to know about what camp options you have in DFW. You can find all of this information in our Camp Directory.

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