DFW Camp Expo

Attending DFW Camp Expo

Attending DFW Camp Expo this year. Are you looking for spring or summer camps or activities otherwise for your kids this year? DFW Camp Expo will have three events this year to choose from or attend them all. What can you expect as a parent at a camp expo? How much fun can your children expect in terms of fun? Read along as we share some of the fun and educational things. These are free for you and your kids can enjoy at our expos!

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For The Parents:

We host many camp expos in the Dallas and Fort Worth area throughout the year. For parents this is a great opportunity to learn about spring, summer, and even winter camps. The event will highlight classes and activities for their kids. You will have the chance to talk to and interact with camp counselors, teachers, and organizers. Get to know about events and camps directly and they can answer all of the questions you may have. You will also have the chance to meet with other like-minded parents and network with them. This can allow you to plan private events and get-togethers for your kids. To be able to share information about what they enjoy doing, and find others like you also looking for camps.

Entry to our camp expos is free. Peace of mind you can attend them all and always find new, fun, and interesting camps for your children.

For The Kids:

Kids always enjoy our camp expos as we have all sorts of fun things to do and interact with. From mascots that you can take pictures with, door prizes, games at the vendors booths, face painting and more, there’s always something to see and do for the children. Like the parents, the kids will also have the opportunity to learn and engage with camp counselors and organizers so they can feel out what they may be interested in when it comes to spring, summer, and winter camps. Many of the venues we host our camp expos for kids at are also quite engaging like Fury Fun Center and the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas.

We encourage every vendor to make their booths as fun as possible for the kids so they are always entertained and engaged while the parents learn more about their offerings. It’s a fun time for parents and kids alike at our DFW Camp Expos!

We have many camp expos for kids planned in 2023 and we hope to see you at one! Follow our blog or our Facebook page here to stay up to date with upcoming camp expo events https://www.facebook.com/DFWCampExpo/.