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Tips and Tricks to visiting a splash Pad

At any point in time, you can Google ‘splash pad in Fort Worth or in Tarrant County’ and pull up at least 20. There is no shortage of fun to be had in the city. There is plenty to do to prepare for a successful splashpad visit. And as a parent, we all know that preparation is key to having a positive adventure. Below are just a few ideas to keep that adventure on the positive side!

What is a Splash Pad

First things first; you need to understand exactly what a splash pad is. A splash pad is ideal for toddlers or smaller kids. It is made of fountains or showers with sprayers. There are not generally big slides or deep pools at all. All the entertainment is geared toward the youngsters. In most circumstances, splash pads are free. So, if you are being charged an entrance fee, you may want to investigate another location.

What to pack for your Splash Pad Adventure

There are so many things that you can bring to lessen the burden of anxiety on the parents. Not to say children need a lot to be happy. Just saying that parents can use a few things to make the event less stressful. Everything should be able to fit into one big bag. Sunscreen, hats, water shoes, swim diapers, plastic bags for wet clothes, and towels. These are the necessities to make sure that your splash pad adventure remains fun!

You might also want to think about snacks and drinks. Many splash pads have either food trucks or food courts. If this is not something that interests you, then check with them ahead of time if you can bring healthy snacks and bring your own water bottles. Some places allow it, and some do not. It is always best to check ahead of time.

Splash pads tips and trick

Being safe should always be at the forefront of your mind. There is really a zero-water depth at a splash pad because there is immediate drainage of the water. However, make sure that everyone who is going to be at the splash pad wears soft non-slip shoes. Make sure that you explain to your little ones that the water is only to play in, not to drink! This is why having water bottles or knowing where the water fountains are is crucial. Another thing to keep in mind is clean hands. When your kids get out of the splash pad area have them wash their hands or use hand sanitizer. I realize they are playing in water but remember that it is communal water.

These are just a few tips to implement to make sure that your splashpad visit to Fort Worth remains an adventure. Because we all know what adventure brings, right? Positive memories! So, the last item to make sure that you have in your bag is a camera or your cellphone!