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Best Splash Pads in Dallas

Best Splash Pads in Dallas. Splash pads are becoming more and more popular with every age group. Originally advertised for toddlers. However, that has changed. Especially since it has been proven that splash pads encourage socialization like crazy! Parents can take their small children and allow them to have fun in the water while they socialize with other parents. If you are the parent to a toddler, you know how difficult it is to socialize with other parents. There just does not seem to be enough hours in a day. Splash pads just make it more convenient.

Surf and Swim Garland
Surf and Swim

Two of the most popular splash pads in Dallas County are Surf & Swim at Audubon Park in Garland and Klyde Warren Park in Dallas.


Surf & Swim is in Garland Texas and has activities for every age group. However, their splash pad is one-of-a-kind. Many people like it for the fact that they can bring their own snacks, chairs, and they can set up camp basically wherever they feel comfortable. You do not have to sit in a designated area if you are not comfortable. Of course, there are chairs provided. However, sometimes people are just more comfortable on their own. The price is very reasonable, and their kiddie area is separate from the adult area. They even have showers and changing areas separate in that area as well for the parents and the younger children.


Klyde Warren Park Is located right off Woodall Rodgers Freeway in Dallas. One great thing about this park is that picnics and dogs are allowed and encouraged. They push to make it more comfortable for everyone. You may think that having a park across from the freeway would be extremely overwhelming; but this is completely not true. The area is wide open and defined. There are separate activities and even food trucks that park there. The splash pads are a great addition and really invite the parents to participate with their children in play.

Klyde Warren Park

These splash pads encourage socialization not only with adults but with young children. It teaches them how to play with individuals their own age. It allows them to get wet and it encourages them with both positive and negative interactions. Children need to learn both sides of the fence at a very young age. The splash pad equipment at both locations is very interactive. It allows the children to go into decision-making mode. This is always a good thing when it comes to children! Teaching them right from wrong; from the beginning.