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Young Chefs Academy Frisco: An Honest Review

Before learning about Young Chefs Academy Frisco, my daughter pulled out every ingredient imaginable from the pantry, combined them with a few eggs and a splash of milk, threw them in the oven, and out popped a soupy mess. 

It wasn’t quite the cake she had in mind. It was then that I knew she needed some proper culinary training. Not a chef myself, I sought out Young Chefs Academy in Frisco, Texas, to help her hone her kitchen skills. What resulted was an increased love for being in the kitchen and a stash of quality recipes to grab when she wanted to cook or bake.

Here is my detailed, honest review of the Young Chefs Academy in Frisco:

Why I Chose Young Chefs Academy in Frisco 

To me, the most important quality of a summer camp was the ability to engage and excite my daughter. 

Often the critic, yet still an enthusiastic camper, she could be quite picky about what camps she attended. So, I needed to find a place where she could learn (my wish) and have fun (her desire) while doing something that interested her. 

Young Chefs Academy Frisco provided that well-rounded balance. It wasn’t too young for her 7-going-on-17 spirit, yet it still challenged her knowledge and skill set. 

Overview of the Academy

Centrally located in Frisco, Texas, Young Chefs Academy had an inviting lobby filled with a ton of kid-sized cooking resources. Of course, my daughter immediately begged for a cute new apron and fun-colored cooking utensils! Multiple classrooms featured full-sized, professional-looking kitchens with ample counter space, dual ovens, and stainless islands surrounded by stools, giving even the smallest chef a perfect view.

Year-round camps and classes focus on a range of food preparation skills while integrating kitchen safety, etiquette, table setting, and menu planning in a fun and immersive experience.

Weekly classes are designed so that chefs as young as 4 can learn basic skills and grow their passion for cooking while experienced kids aged 12 and up learn advanced culinary concepts. 

Anytime school is out, Young Chefs Academy offers camps with a range of themes and cuisines. Each week, new menus and techniques are showcased, combined with cooking challenges and competitions. 

Young Chefs Academy Frisco Prices & Cost

The cost to attend Young Chefs Academy Frisco varies based on the program:

  • Weekly classes: Non-members pay $45 per class. Monthly membership offers a discount, and courses range from $119 to $149 per month. 
  • KinderCooks: 4-7-year-olds will learn basic cooking skills in weekly 60-minute classes.
  • JuniorChefs: Chefs ages 7 and up master skills that build over time in weekly 90-minute sessions.
  • SeniorChefs: Based on skill level, students age 12+ can participate in 90-minute classes featuring a structured curriculum, assessments, and the possibility of earning a coveted black chef jacket and the designation of YCA MasterChef. 
  • Week-long summer camps: These are age-specific (6-12 years or 13+ years), run Monday through Friday, and are three hours each. Both morning and afternoon sessions are available.
  • Workshops and special events: Plan unique events are available for kids and adults alike. From kid/teen nights out and parent/child cooking nights to open houses and fundraisers, Young Chefs Academy offers specialized workshops and customized events. Prices vary based on the event, so be sure to check their website or call ahead.
  • Birthday parties are one of Young Chefs Academy’s best kept secrets. They provide the type of party where you bring the guest of honor, and they do the rest! 

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My Favorite Recipes From Young Chefs Academy Frisco

Young Chefs Academy Frisco recipes aren’t just your average sugar cookie or spaghetti. Students cook recipes from all over the world containing ingredients beyond what they may be accustomed to. 

Breakfasts, lunches beyond a PB&J, dinners that impress even the finest of diners, and decadent desserts adorn the weekly menus.

One recipe that stood out to me was the Melon Salsa. Students diced a combination of melons and combined them with cucumber, red onion, cilantro, lime juice, and spices. My daughter’s favorite was the Apple Pie Egg Rolls, in which they made egg roll wrappers! 

In all, my daughter left camp with more than 20 recipes that she has been able to easily replicate at home, from Caramel Popcorn to Jamaican Jerk Chicken Meatballs.

Benefits for Kids

When I enrolled my daughter in a week of Young Chefs Academy Frisco’s summer camp, I really just expected her to learn to cook. But in the end, she gained so much more.

Not only did she learn how to chop vegetables safely and what ingredients combine well together, but she also learned how to knead dough and present food in an appetizing way. She gained independence in the kitchen, began to understand that mac and cheese could not be her sole source of nutrients, and explored and displayed her creativity. 

As a former teacher, I knew how cooking could effectively reinforce academic concepts in math (fractions), science (mixtures vs. solutions), and language arts (reading comprehension). Exploring different tastes and recipes from all over the world encouraged an appreciation for other cultures. 

Fun challenges and competitions encouraged cooperative learning, leadership, and teamwork, providing the perfect opportunity for my daughter to make new friends. As a somewhat picky eater, she expanded her palette when she was able to make things herself and came away with a new favorite food each day.

By the end of the week, my daughter was insistent that I step out of my home kitchen and let her be in control. She chopped, mixed, boiled, and baked without my help. The confidence she received at Young Chefs Academy forever influenced her love for cooking. She’s now convinced she will be the next Master Chef, Jr!

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What to Know Before Sending Your Kids to Young Chefs Academy

  • Age Range: Lessons and classes are tailored for age and skill level, so children ages 4 through teens are welcome at Young Chefs Academy Frisco. Weekly classes are recommended for children ages 4+, while week-long camps are geared more towards chefs 6+. Teens 13+ have a special camp to allow for increased skill development and complexity.
  • What to Wear/Bring: Campers should wear comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes. Girls will want to wear their hair back and away from their faces.
  • Safety: Because they’re dealing with kids mixed with hot and sharp tools, certified instructors teach important health and safety measures.

My Final Thoughts on Young Chefs Academy in Frisco

As the mom of a curious child who asks the dreaded question, “Can I help fix dinner?” every night, I went on a quest to find a place where she could learn a few basic cooking skills. 

I was thankful to find Young Chefs Academy Frisco, where she could explore her culinary curiosity outside of my kitchen – in an environment where the TV wasn’t blaring, dogs weren’t barking, and dinner didn’t need to be prepared and eaten in 20 minutes before gymnastics practice started!

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