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Are There Indoor Summer Camps?

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Are there indoor summer camps? Traditionally, summer camps are held outdoors, giving kids the opportunity to explore nature and participate in a variety of outdoor activities. However, with the rising temperatures and potential for extreme weather conditions, the idea of an indoor summer camp is becoming increasingly popular.

Let’s face it, it’s getting very hot in Texas over the summer. Fortunately, there are indoor summer camps. Here is what to know.

Are there indoor summer camps, like this one indoor soccer.

Benefits of Indoor Summer Camp

One of the key benefits of indoor summer camps is the ability to provide a secure and climate-controlled environment. This helps the children to engage in various activities. Whether it’s arts and crafts, science experiments, or sports activities, indoor camps can offer a diverse range of programs. The camps cater to different interests and preferences. This can be helpful if you are concerned about your children being exposed to extreme heat or other outdoor elements.

Some Camp Themes Require Being Indoors

Some camps naturally take place indoors, depending on the theme of the camp. For instance, basketball, coding, robotics, theatre, ice skating, and art camps likely take place indoors. This is just due to the nature of the camp theme. By comparison, camps centered around swimming, gardening, scouting, or hiking are probably outside. Want to choose an indoor-only summer camp? A good place to start is by considering what types of camps your child would be interested? This will help you decide if they can be primarily inside.

Indoor Camps Based on Location

Some camps have most of their programming indoors because of where they are located. Finding camps that are held in a mall, indoor play area, trampoline park, or ice skating rink are best. These camps will primarily take place inside just because those are the spaces available to the summer camp. Conversely, a camp held at a county park would have most of its programming outside.

Discuss What to Expect with Camp Staff

Before you sign up for camp, discuss what happens during the camp day with the staff. Are campers inside most of the day but go out for an hour a day for some outdoor playtime? Do they go outside to go swimming? What indoor facilities and activities does the camp participate in? What steps do counselors take to prevent or detect heat-related illnesses?

Having this information can help you to make an informed decision. You may decide that you feel comfortable if campers go outside for a short period of time each day, as long as they have an air-conditioned place to return to.

Learn About Indoor Summer Camps in the DFW Area

Fortunately, there are many excellent indoor summer camps available in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to choose from, no matter your child’s age and interests. There are camps that are 100% indoors, as well as summer camps that balance indoor time with some outdoor activities. For more information, check out the comprehensive directory of summer camps at DFW Camp Expo for more information. The available camps can change from year to year, so it’s important to stay informed.