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Camps for Children with Special Needs

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Camps for children with special needs are more common now then years past. For many children with special needs, traditional summer camps may not provide the level of support and understanding necessary for them to thrive. Special needs summer camps cater to the unique needs of these children, creating a safe and nurturing environment where they can participate in a wide variety of activities and make lasting memories. Here is an overview of the types of summer camp options for children with special needs.

Camps for children with special needs are more common now then years past as seen in this picture of a boy in a wheelchair participating in camp.


H.E.R.O.E.S. serves special needs families in the greater Dallas area. It offers six weeks of summer camp, up to 5 days of winter break camp, and three days of spring break camp for children with special needs. In addition to some traditional camp activities like arts and crafts, campers also have the opportunity to participate in therapies, vocational training, and social skills building activities. H.E.R.O.E.S. prides itself on not turning any camper away based on medical or behavior-based challenges, camper age, or financial status.

Camp Summit

Located about an hour north of Fort Worth, Texas, Camp Summit is a residential camp for people with disabilities to enjoy an adapted camp experience on a 460-acre camp. Campers grouped by age for weeklong sessions, as the camp can accommodate adults with disabilities, too. Several weekend-long sessions held throughout the year for campers.

Camp Summit uses a sliding scale fee to determine the cost of camp. It also offers scholarships to ensure that families who want to attend camp are able to. It maintains a staff-to-camper ratio of one staff member to two campers.

Morgan’s Camp

Morgan’s Camp is an ultra-accessible camp located in San Antonio, Texas. The camp doesn’t operate like traditional sleepaway or day camps. Instead, there are three different ways to go to Morgan’s Camp. You can sign up your whole family for a family weekend where you all go to camp together. Partner organizations in the area use Morgan’s Camp as the location for the camps they run, so you can sign up for camp through them. It also hosts corporate retreats.

Epilepsy Foundation of Texas

The Epilepsy Foundation of Texas is a safe summer camp option for campers with diagnosed with epilepsy. Campers between the ages of 8 and 19 can participate in accessible and adapted versions of traditional camp activities, such as swimming, climbing, and playing with their peers. Trained counselors and medical professionals staff the camp. Donors fun the epilepsy camp.

Find Out More About Special Needs Camps in Dallas-Fort Worth

Fortunately, there are many choices for summer camps for special needs campers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This article only highlighted a small handful of the wonderful programs that are available, with new opportunities opening each year. Check out the summer camp directory at DFW Camp Expo for a more complete look at what options are currently available.