DFW Camp Expo

Swag Bags be in 500 bags (250 bags at 2 Locations )


Makes sure these families have your information for your service or product in the swag bag. You are purchasing a spot in the swag bags. The right to be in 1 set of 250 bags at the location of your choice. Purchase this option more than once to be at all the locations this year.

Other Options included with this purchase.

  1. Option to participate in giving away freebies at the door for early birds.
  2. Option to have a giveaway at the event(you will get a copy of each email entered in your box)
  3. Option to have a FB Giveaway if you meet the deadline for your event these are before the event
  4. Your logo posted on our site as participating in the swag bags
  5. FB welcome post on our FB page when you sign up and purchase



The first 250 Moms entering one  location of the DFW Camp Expo will get a Free Swag bag. This is to purchase a spot in  2 set of 250 bags  at 2 locations . This purchase will allow you 500 total bags. You will be able to have an item/coupon in 2 locations, 250 bags at each location. . Make sure your information and coupon are in the swag bag for Families to take home. The best options is to offer something free to make sure you get an email from every family.    You will also get an email with directions and dates for when to turn in your items. Make sure and get those items ready as we need them 2 weeks before the 1st of the 2 events to get them into the swag bags. You are Purchasing a spot in the 500 swag bags, 250 bags at 2 locations for the DFW Camp Expo . There will be other vendors in the bags.


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