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How to Save Money on Summer Camp

Here we will show you how to save money on Summer Camps. There is no doubt that summer camp provides your children with a memorable experience that they’ll carry with them throughout their lives. However, this experience does come at a cost. Summer camps can range in price from a few hundred dollars a week to more than a thousand for pricier overnight travel camps. Here are some tips and strategies that you can use to save money on summer camp.

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Enroll Your Child Early

Generally, the sooner you identify which camp you want to send your child to for the summer, the better. Sometimes, camps may have deals available for holidays or just because. By signing up for their email newsletter and following them on social media, you may be able to get a discount code. This can help to reduce the overall cost of camp by 10% or 20%. Enrolling early can help you learn how to save on summer camp.

Consider Camps at the Parks and Recreation Department

Consider Camps at the Parks and Recreation departments like the City of Frisco
Consider Camps at the Parks and Recreation Departments like City of Frisco. Play Frisco

Many city and county parks and recreation departments offer summer camps for elementary-aged students at a steep discount compared to other summer camps nearby. In some cities, you may only pay around $100 a week for day camp for one child. These programs fill up fast and may have lotteries to decide who gets to attend. If you want to sign your child up for a camp at your local parks and recreation department, make sure to investigate the process of signing up early to increase the likelihood of getting a spot.

There are many summer camp options in the area at the Parks and recreation departments. Here are a list of just a few in the area.

Apply for Financial Assistance

Some summer camps offer financial assistance or scholarships for low-income families that need it. You might be able to get an entire week of camp paid for or receive a discount on camp. It never hurts to ask the front office staff at your favorite summer camp options if there is financial assistance available. Many camps have scholarships you can apply for. If you are on assistance programs often it will help qualify you to Apply for Financial Assistance for ways to save on Summer Camps.

Save for Summer Camp Throughout the Year

Unlike the unexpected expense of a broken transmission in your car, the cost of summer camp is fairly predictable. You know that every summer, kids have a break over the summer. If you want to send them to summer camp or you work and must have somewhere for them to go, you can expect that you’ll need to pay for summer camp each year.

To prepare, you could try to set aside some money each month to cover the cost of summer camp. It would be less financially to save just a little amount each month than try to come up with the whole amount over the summer. Even if it doesn’t cover the entire expense, it will help to reduce the cost.

Find the Right Dallas-Fort Worth Area Summer Camp

There are so many amazing summer camps in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area that provide high-quality experiences to kids. If you’re looking for the right summer camp, check out our comprehensive listing of local choices at DFW Camp Expo. Here you can compare your choices and see everything that’s currently available. Take a look at our discount page on DFW Camp Expo DFW Camp Expo Discount Page.