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Splash Pads in Mckinney

Splash Pads in McKinney for this summer! Summer in McKinney, Texas, is a scorcher, with temps over 100 degrees many days. Thankfully, McKinney has a solution to beat the heat– splash pads! These aquatic playgrounds are perfect for families looking to cool off and have a blast during the warmer months. Let’s take a closer look at some of the fantastic splash pads McKinney has to offer:

Al Ruschhaupt Soccer Complex

Location: 2701 N. Brook Dr.

Situated at the Al Ruschhaupt Soccer Complex, this splash pad offers shaded seating and more. The best part is the splash pad is right next to the park. Making this splash pad a 2 for 1. Have the kids play to dry off before you get in the car, can save your interior. Great restrooms as well.


Ash Woods Park

Location: 10301 JFK Blvd.

Nestled within Ash Woods Park, this splash pad water feature is next to the park area. This park does not have a bathroom but does have a shaded areas, picnic tables and more. A great splash pad to get out and have fun in your area.

Aviator Park

Location: 1201 Monticello Dr.

Aviator Park’s splash pad is an aviation-themed design. This is a great way for kids imagination to soar. The splash pad has a 3 ring water spray feature. The park does not have restrooms, but does have a covered pavilion with electricity.

Cottonwood Park

Courtesy of McKinney parks and recreation

Location: 212 McMakin St.

At Cottonwood Park, the splash pad offers several spray in the area water feature. These are ground level water sprayer. Currently the city states the park is closed due to a computer malfunction and does not have a reopen date of yet. The park does offer covered areas.

Dr. Mack Hill Park

Location: 1849 Reagan Dr.

Dr. Mack Hill Park’s splash pad is a leaf water features. Fun in the sun with your littles. The park is a barrier free structure. There is one picnic structure on site but no restrooms.


Finch Park

Courtesy of McKinney Parks and recreation. splash pads.

Location: 301 W. Standifer St.

Finch Park’s splash pad is a community favorite, drawing families from near and far to enjoy its refreshing waters. Whether you’re cooling off after a game of basketball or simply seeking a fun outing with the kids, this splash pad has you covered.

Horizon Park

Location: 401 Flat Rock Dr.

Horizon Park’s splash pad offers a three ring water spray feature, no restrooms. There are shaded areas and great picnic areas.

Inspiration Park

Location: 4212 Shawnee Dr.

Inspiration Park’s splash pad has raised and ground level spray features. There is one picnic area with power but no restrooms. There is a barrier free park to dry off once you are done in the spray area.

John M. Whisenant Park

Location: 3701 Hudson Crossing

John M. Whisenant Park’s splash pad is a hub of activity, where kids can splash and play to their heart’s content. The splash pad is ground level sprayers. There is a picnic area but no restrooms.

Prestwyck Park

Location: 1651 Prestwick Hollow Dr.

Prestwyck Park’s splash pad is a community treasure, providing endless entertainment for families throughout the summer months. The splash pad provides above grounds sprayers for families to enjoy. There is a playground but no restrooms at this location.

Robinson Ridge Park

Location: 3900 Muscadine Dr.

Last but not least, Robinson Ridge Park’s splash pad offers a refreshing oasis in the heart of McKinney. This splash pad offers a dump bucket feature and above ground sprayers for endless fun. Have a great time fun in the sun. There are 4 picnic shelters for families to enjoy lunch and snacks, but there are no restrooms.

Splash pads in McKinney, who knew there would be so many. There are so many fun free options to choose from. Staying cool and having fun has never been easier. Get ready to grab your sunscreen, pack your swimsuit, and get ready to make a splash in McKinney this summer!

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