DFW Camp Expo


What You Need to Know

Welcome to the DFW Camp Expo. This page is to help you navigate your  booth package with us. Your booth package has access to all the items below. Please feel free to reach out any time with questions. We are here to help. You were sent emails with all this information but we wanted a central page to make sure you get the most out of your package. Please reach out anytime if you have questions we are here to help! 

Upload Your Logo


Please upload your logo. We need a 300DPI or more if we need to print the logos. Your logo will also be added to the DFW Camp Expo website. Your logo will be displayed on our Camp Sponsor page as well as in your listings on our website. We also use your logo on social media to welcome you to the event and advertise raffle options. 

Virtual Online Directory Camp Expo

The Virtual online directory of DFW Camp Expo  is the online/website that list your Camp, Activity, or Family Friendly business. Your business is listed  until December 31,2024. Your business will be listed in the section of your choice. The listing will be linked to your website as well as a FULL page listing about your business. The FULL page will have links to your website as well. The Full page listing will also have a gallery of pictures about your business that you have submitted.

Check Here to See Your Information on our Website

This is the front page of the website in the menu choose Camp Directory. Then choose the section your listing is under to see your business.  Submit above to be placed here.

This is where your Logo will be displayed and your website will be linked to your logo. Submit your logo above to see it posted here. 

If you have a discount for your page we can list it here. You can get to this by way of the front page of the website. Click Camp Directory and choose Activities and Camp Discounts. See the links below to submit your Discount. 

Your Booth package allows you 1 blog post per month. This is where that would be posted. See below on how to submit the blog post. 

Do You Need a Table Cloth?

Deadline for Rental of table Cloth Friday, February 9, 2024

You may bring your own table cloth to fit your table or you can Rent a black fitted table cloth to fit a Standard 6ft table. 6′ Premium Fitted Tablecloth for 72″ x 30″ Rectangular Table. Polyester Cloth Fabric Cover – Black. This cloth will be provided the day of the event and if you rented the table from us the table cloth  will be ready to go for you when you arrive. Rental is $25.00 This is for 1 Location if you need for multiple locations please purchase more than one. 

Do You Need Electricity?

Deadline for Electricity is Friday, February 9, 2024

We have limited Electricity at the event. There will be a $25.00 charge for Electricity. You will need to bring an extension cord along with tape to attached the cord to the floor. We will try to put anyone with electrical closest to the outlets but can not guarantee. Will depend on how many need electricity. This is for 1 location. If you need electricity at more than 1 locations please make sure to purchase more than one. 

Do you need a banner, promotional items, flyers, or business card?

Banners will not be allowed to be hung at the event. You will need a free standing banner or retractable banner.  Please make sure you give plenty of time for your items to come in. Think about now what you need now and order asap. Also, if you plan to be in the Swag Bags that come free with your package make sure you order your items now!

Upload Your Newsletter Information

Please click the blue button below to upload your Monthly Newsletter information.  You will receive monthly  emails for the duration of your package to submit Monthly Newsletter information for each month. You get a short paragraph and one picture that will link to your website.  

Upload Your Social Media Post

Please click the blue button below to upload your Social Media Post.  You will receive monthly  emails for the duration of your package to submit social media post for each month. 

Upload Your BLOG Post

Please click the blue button below labeled upload blog post. This form will give you the directions for your blog post. Please follow these directions or we will not be able to post the blog. If you have any questions feel free to reach out. 

Upload Digital AD

DEADLINE FOR ALL DIGITAL ADS Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Please click below to upload your Digital AD for the Digital Book. This book will be displayed as a flip book on the front page of the DFW Camp Expo website. 

We will not accept any Ads after Wednesday January 31, 2024. All ADS must be submitted by this date. If you miss the deadline there will NOT be a refund. These are additional to your package.  All the dimensions are listed on the form once you click the blue button below. Please make sure you submit the correct AD. 

Giveaway/Raffle at EVENT


We ask that all vendors at the event have a raffle/giveaway. A game cube is used to help make sure families visit each table.  A printed square with all  vendors name on it. Each vendor will be given a stamp. As the families visit your table and ask questions you will stamp their sheet on your square. At the end of the families visit they will visit the raffle table. 

Each stamp on the game cube will be one ticket. Each ticket can then be placed into the raffle/contest  box of their choice. There should be a raffle for each vendor on this table. The families will choose to put their raffle tickets into any giveaway of their choice. The vendor will be notified of the winner after the event and work out with the winner to get their prize. This will give the vendor the option to have the winner come into their location to pick up their prize.

Vendors are given the information of EVERY person that enters to win their raffle. These are warm leads. The families can put their raffle ticket in any box and they chose your business. Make sure your raffle is something everyone will want to win! 

DFW Camp Expo-Raffle Table
DFW Camp Expo Raffle Boxes

Door Prizes

We ask that all vendors to offer a Door Prize. The Door Prize will be given out to the first 250 families to enter the event. We will have staff standing at the door to give out these items. This must be a tangible item like a card for a free item at your location or a card for a free day of camp or consultation. These canNOT be flyers we need them small like business cards to hand out to the families as they come in the doors.  The Door Prizes encourage families to come out early. 

Families who come early will have more time to spend looking at all the vendors at the event.  We will post on all our Social Media and our Website about the Door Prizes.  This is added exposure for your company and more incentive for more families to attend. 

Please make sure to remember to bring the item to the event.

It has been advertised your company will have that Door Prize at the event. 

You do not want families to be disappointed! 

Swag Bag Submissions

Thanks so much for joining the Swag Bags. Swag Bags option comes free with your   package. There will be 250 bags per event. We do NOT accept paper for the Swag Bags. Any type of paper must be attached to some type of item or be a completely free item of value. We do not accept business cards, flyers, post cards and the like unless they are attached to something else or if the paper is a completely free item or option. Our families do not want a bag full of paper. We need these items to have value to our families. These are Swag Bags and we need them full of Swag not paper for our families. 

The items can be Dropped off at the below address but please do NOT interact. Simply put them on the door step/ porch and text 972-754-3291 that you have dropped them off. This is only a drop point. They will not be able to answer your questions. If you have any questions please contact Laney 972-754-3291. 

These items MUST be mailed to 

1486 Stagecoach Way Frisco, Texas 75033


DFW Camp Expo-Swag Bags
Swag Bags at Summer Camp Expo

Discount for your Camp Online Listing

We have a separate page on our website for discounts and code for discounts on upcoming camps or products for our vendors. This is a page frequented by our Families when they are getting ready to sign up their children for Winter, Spring Break, Summer or any School break Camps. You can list your discount with your logo  for free on our  Discount Page.  Please click the link below to submit that Discount.