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Summer Camps for Kids Under the Age of 6

Summer Camps for kids under the age of 6 can be difficult. Not all camps let the younger children in. Children under the age of six need continuous stimulation and exposure to new things to learn and grow. Keeping them cooped up at home all day will only drive you crazy during the summer break. You can send them to summer camp so that they can learn and grow throughout the summer. Here are a few options for sending a child under the age of six to summer camp.

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Academic Camps

There are research studies that say summer break is good for kids so they get a break from school, but others say that they lose a large chunk of what they learned the year before within a few months. What if your child could reinforce what they learned during the school year while also getting more freedom to play and explore?

Academic camps offer kids under the age of six a less restrictive environment to learn in. They also close the gap in the learning process for the year so that kids don’t lose as much of their gains during the break from preschool. The best part is that your child still gets to play and explore like they would in a regular summer camp.

Art Camps

No one is too young to make art, and that’s exactly what your child will do at art camp. There are camps that specialize in children under six with a focus on making art and developing creative skills.

Alongside art, your child can develop fundamental skills like dexterity. Much of the work that artists do requires a lot of dexterity in the hands. Drawing, sculpting, and painting are just a few examples of how your child can practice such fundamental skills each day without even being aware that they are practicing.

If you have a child who loves to do things like draw or make creative things, this may be the best option for you.

Athletic summer Camps for kids under the age of 6

Do you have a child who can’t stop running around and loves sports? That is a child that should go to a summer athletics camp. There, they get the chance to learn new sports, play a wide range of sports, and participate in other athletic activities.

It’s important for kids to get time outside to play vigorously. Your child will get that chance while also learning to work together on teams and develop social skills. Learning these skills at a young age sets them on a path to success. On top of that, your child can spend time immersed in a sport or activity that they love with others who love it, too.

Plenty of Camp Options

There are plenty of camp options for you to send a child under six to. The key is finding a quality camp with the right mix of focused activities and fun. You can find more camps at the DFW Camp Expo, where we connect parents with a wide range of summer camp options for their kids. Check out our current camp listings for some great summer camp ideas for your young child.

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